Da-Lite Screens | Brackets & Mounts | Carrying Case | Control | Dress Kit | Floor Stand | Replacement Surface | Skirting | Trim Kit

Hundreds of Da-Lite projection screen accessories and options to complete your screen installation: Da-Lite Screen Replacement Parts, Wireless Remotes, Screen Control, Mounting Brackets, Carrying Cases, Trim Kit and much more.


Da-Lite Dress Kit

Da-Lite Screens | Fast Fold | Dress Kit | Drapery

Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen Drapery Presentation Kits: 16 oz., fire retardant cotton velour drapery attaches with snaps to Fast-FoldĀ® screens to enhance image and project a professional appearance. Drapery is fully pleated for finished professional look. Complete kit contains a valance bar, 14" valance drape, wing bars, 30" wide wing drapes and a 45" long skirt. Standard colors include black, blue and pewter gray.

Truss Fast Fold Drapery Kit

Da-Lite Replacement Surface

Da-Lite Screens | Replacement Surface | Replacement Materials

Replacement screen surfaces and materials for your Da-Lite screens.

Da-Lite Deluxe Fast Fold

Da-Lite Heavy Duty Fast Fold

Da-Lite Mini-Fold

Da-Lite Brackets / Mounts

Da-Lite Screen | Mounts | Brackets | Mounting

Da-Lite mounting brackets, t-bar clips and hardware for installing your Da-Lite screen from a wall, ceiling or suspended ceiling.


Da-Lite Misc

Da-Lite Screens | Accessories | Misc

Misc parts and accessories for use along with your Da-Lite presentation screen.


Da-Lite Carrying Case

Da-Lite Screens | Carrying Case | Tripod Case

ATA Shipping cases and black nylon zippered carrying cases for all of Da-Lite's portable projector screens.

Da-Lite Deluxe Insta-Theater Carrying Case

Da-Lite Presenter Carrying Case

Da-Lite Theater-Lite Carrying Case

Da-Lite Tripod Carrying Case

Da-Lite Control

Da-Lite Screens | Control | Remotes | Wireless

Control Options for Da-Lite Electric Screens: Low Voltage Controls, Infrared (IR) Remotes, Radio Frequency (RF) Remotes, Built-In Serial (RS-232) Control Options, Ethernet Controls, Key Switches, Locking Switches, etc.



Replacement Switch

Da-Lite Skirting

Da-Lite Screens | Tripod Skirt | Screen Skirting

Skirt & Drapery material for your Da-Lite tripod screens. Skirting allows you to cover up the legs with an attractive, pleated velour material. Drapery also provides a clean look to your audience and a place to 'stash' your audio/video gear behind the screen and keep it out of sight from your audience.

Da-Lite Tripod Skirt

Da-Lite Trim Kit

Da-Lite Screens | Trim Kit | Ceiling Trim Kit

Da-Lite offers the ceiling trim kit as a solution for those that want to 'recess' mount a Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol or Model-C screen above a suspended ceiling grid. The Trim Kits provide a finished, clean look once installed -- identical to that of the more expensive recessed style electric screens.


Da-Lite Floor Stand

Da-Lite Screens | Floor Model C | Floor Stand

If you are purchasing, or have previously purchased one of Da-Lite's Floor Model C or the Carpeted Floor Model C, you will also need Da-Lite's Floor Model C Floor Stand.



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