Draper Screens | Brackets & Mounts | Carrying Case | Control | Dress Kit | Misc | Skirting | Trim Kit

Hundreds of screen accessories and options to complete your Draper screen installation: Wireless Remotes, Screen Control, Mounting Brackets, Carrying Cases, Trim Kit and much much more.


Draper Brackets / Mounts

Draper Screens | Mounts | Brackets | Mounting

Draper mounting brackets, t-bar clips and hardware for installing your Draper screen from a wall, ceiling or suspended ceiling.


Draper Misc

Draper Screens | Accessories | Misc

Misc parts and accessories for use along with your Draper presentation screen.


Draper Carrying Case

Draper Screens | Carrying Case | Tripod Case

Black nylon zippered cases and padded carrying cases for all of Drapers portable projector screens.

Draper Piper Carrying Case

Draper Road Warrior Carrying Case

Draper Traveller Carrying Case

Draper Tripod Carrying Case

Draper Skirting

Draper Screens | Tripod Skirt | Screen Skirting

Skirt & Drapery material for your Draper tripod screens. Skirting allows you to cover up the legs with an attractive, pleated velour material. Drapery also provides a clean look to your audience and a place to 'stash' your audio/video gear behind the screen and keep it out of sight from your audience.

Tripod Skirt

Draper Control

Draper Screens | Control | Remotes | Wireless

Control Options for Draper Electric Screens: Low Voltage Controls, Infrared (IR) Remotes, Radio Frequency (RF) Remotes, Key Switches, Locking Switches, etc.



Replacement Switch

Draper Trim Kit

Draper Screens | Trim Kit | Ceiling Trim Kit

Draper offers the ceiling trim kit as a solution for those that want to 'recess' mount a Targa electric screen above a suspended ceiling grid. The Trim Kits provide a finished, clean look once installed -- identical to that of the more expensive recessed style electric screens.


Draper Dress Kit

Draper Screens | Cinefold | Ultimate Folding Screen | Dress Kit | Drapery

Draper Dress Kits and Draperies — For a memorable presentation, give your Cinefold or Ultimate Folding Screen a professional, cinema-like appearance with a velour Dress Kit.

Draper Drapery Presentation Kits: Complete Dress Kit includes 46" skirt, 12" valance, and two 32" wide side drapes, with valance and drapery mounting bars.

Draper Cinefold Drapery Kit

Draper Ultimate Folding Screen Drapery Kit

Ultimate Folding Screen Drapery Kit

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