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Draper Fixed Screens - Fixed Screens are permanently tensioned screens that provide a contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear projection screen is required. The viewing surface is flat and that means perfect picture quality. Draper has a permanently tensioned screen to fit your needs.


Draper Economy Frame

Draper | Fixed | Economy Frame | Screens

When shopping for fixed wall screens, many are surprised by the prices they find as many screens sell for well over $1000. Draper offers the Cineperm screen as a lower cost option. Featuring a simple aluminum economy frame, you get all the benefits of the flattest possible viewing surface without spending extra money for an elaborate frame when it isn't needed or desired.


Draper Theater Frame

Draper | Fixed | Theater Frame | Screens

Featuring black aluminum frames (Vel-Tex velvet wrap optional) these theater fixed frame screens are perfect for the home theater enthusiast or any where the frame will be seen by the audience. Chose from Draper's Onyx, Clarion or Shadow Box frame styles.



Shadow Box Clarion

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