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Premier has a wide selection of ceiling mounts, rotational mounts and wall mounts available.


Premier Wall Mount

Premier | Display | Flat Panel | LED | Plasma | Wall Mount | Flat | Tilt | Articulating Arm

No matter what size display, flat panel, plasma, LED or LCD TV you own, we have a wall mount from Premier that will fit it. Flat wall and tilt wall mounts available. Articulating arm mounts provide the flexibility to have your TV pushed against the wall, or pulled out for off-angle viewing from another room.


Flat Wall Mount

Tilt Wall Mount

Premier Ceiling Mount

Premier | Display | Ceiling Mount | Plate

Premier mounts ceiling plate for mounting displays, a tv, LED or plasma display from the ceiling using an extension column.

Adjustable Ceiling Mount

Single Display

Premier Rotational Mount

Premier | Rotational Mount | Display

A rotational mount allows you to mount your display, tv, LED or plasma on a wall or display stand and freely rotate your display 360 degrees.


Cart & Stand

Wall Mount

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