Replacement Remotes Accessories

Replacement Remote Controls

Lost your projector remote control? Need a replacement projector remote? Find the original OEM remote control for your projector here.



Projector Lens Accessories

Projector Lenses and Accessories

Projector Zone offers a variety of projector lenses for many makes and models, with multiple throw distances available.

Short throw projector lenses allow for close placement of the projector to the screen, while medium lenses allow for placement at a distance nearer to where the audience would typically sit. Long throw projector lenses offer the ability to place the projector in the back of the room



Wall Plates Accessories

Wall Plates and Panels

Finish out your A/V installation in style with wall plates and panels. Whether it's HDMI, VGA, RCA, S-Video and more, you'll find a projector wall plate to fit your needs. If you don't, we can design and build a custom HDTV wall plate at a very reasonable price.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

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