Proxima Replacement Projector Lamps and Bulbs

We stock Proxima projector lamps and bulbs. We sell factory original Proxima projector lamps. All our Proxima projector lamps ship with the housing included and full manufacturer warranty.


PROXIMA Projector Lamp with Factory Original Bulb

Item No. DIA-6019659

Sale Price: $207.00

List Price: $372.00

PROXIMA 610-285-4824 BrightLamp Projector Lamp

Free GROUND shipping. Use coupon code BRIGHTNUP in the shopping cart.

Item No. PZ-610-285-4824

Sale Price: $129.00

List Price: $270.00

Proxima DP1000X Replacement Lamp (SP-LAMP-003)

Item No. PRO-SPLAMP003

Sale Price: Contact Us

Proxima DP1200X Replacement Lamp (SP-LAMP-013)

Item No. PRO-SPLAMP013

Sale Price: Contact Us

Proxima DP5150, DP6100, DP6150 Replacement Lamp (LAMP-026)

Item No. PRO-LAMP026

Sale Price: Contact Us

Proxima DP5400X, DP6400X Replacement Lamp (SP-LAMP-017)

Item No. PRO-SPLAMP017

Sale Price: $184.00

Proxima DP5500 Replacement Lamp (L84)

Item No. PRO-L84

Sale Price: $396.00

Proxima DP5800, DP6800 Replacement Lamp (L120)

Item No. PRO-L120

Sale Price: Contact Us

Proxima DP5950+, DP9250+ Replacement Lamp (LAMP-014)

Item No. PRO-LAMP014

Sale Price: $362.00

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