Projector Joist Ceiling Mounting Plates

Mounting plates for structural joist ceiling or wood (hard-surface) joist ceiling installations. Quickly and easily mount your projector between 16" studs, 20" studs or even up to 24" stud ceiling patterns. Single, double and internal joist projector mounting solutions available.


Peerless (ACC560) Structural Ceiling Plate

Item No. PE-ACC560

Sale Price: $15.00

List Price: $18.00

Peerless (CMJ471) OSHPD Structural Ceiling Plate for JumboŽ Mounts, 16" centers

Item No. PE-CMJ471

Sale Price: $38.00

List Price: $59.00

16" Chief Dual Joist Ceiling Mount (CMS390)

Item No. CH-CMS390

Sale Price: $49.00

List Price: $92.00

Premier PP-17 Sliding Ceiling Plate

Item No. PR-PP17

Sale Price: $56.00

List Price: $90.00

Peerless (ACC120) Internal Joist Mount for 16'' or 20'' centers

Item No. PE-ACC120

Sale Price: $65.00

List Price: $101.00

24" Chief Dual Joist Ceiling Mount (CMS391)

Item No. CH-CMS391

Sale Price: $65.00

List Price: $115.00

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