Projector Mounting Extension Columns | Fixed columns | Adjustable Columns.

Need to "drop" your projector mount down off the ceiling? You'll need a ceiling plate and extension column to do so. Luckily, offers both items. Here you can find fixed extension columns is sizes up to 72" and adjustable extension columns in lengths up to 144".



Fixed Extension Columns | Fixed Length Column

Often during a projector install, there is a light fixture, uneven ceiling, fire alarm, or some other object between where you want to mount your projector and the screen area; What do you do? You get yourself a fixed extension column! A fixed extension column when used with your projector mount and a ceiling plate will allow you to lower your projector off the ceiling. Fixed columns available in 3" lengths up to 72".

Fixed Mounts starting at $9


Adjustable Extension Columns | Adjustable Length Column

Not sure how far down you need to drop with your projector until you get to the jobsite? You'd be wise to have a few adjustable extension columns of various lengths on hand.

Adjustable Mounts starting at $50

Ceiling / Wall Kit

Ceiling / Wall Kit Mounts starting at $39


Accessory Mounts starting at $15

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