Projector Security Hardware | Security Enclosure | Projector Security Cage

Worried about theft or damage to your projector? Check out our extensive projector security solutions. From inexpensive cable locks, to projector mount security enclosures and all out projector security cages. We'll have a solution to protect your projector install.



Projector Security Accessories | Misc Hardware

Misc projector hardware and lightweight security solutions. Cable locks, pad locks and more.

Accessory Mounts starting at $66


Projector Mount | Security Enclosure

A projector ceiling mount security enclosure is designed to 'surround' or install over the projector mount itself. Thus eliminating access to the mount and preventing a thief from disconnecting the projector from the mount.

The advantage to a security enclosure is that users still have access to the projector itself for everyday use.

Enclosure Mounts starting at $168

Projector Security Cage

Projector Security | Security Cage | Security Box

When nothing but full security will do, recommends the use of a projector ceiling mount security cage. Offering 360 degree protection/security thieves are completely locked out from access to both the projector and the projector mount itself.

Security cages are also a great solution to protect your projector from damage while mounted in gymnasiums and public areas.

Projector Security Cage Mounts starting at $320

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