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Projector Zone specializes in professional grade projectors from a wide range of brands and technologies to provide the right solution for any project. Offering projectors by top name brands like Hitachi, Optoma, Epson, Eiki, and more. From auditoriums, conference rooms, and even home theatre installations, our wide selection of projectors and over 20 years of expertise will help insure you have the right solution.


Pro AV Projectors

Specialized Features| High Output | Integration Ready

Pro AV projectors fullfil the needs of projects that have specialized needs or require raw power that most projectors can't match. While their capabilities and prices vary, Pro AV projectors are all built to a higher standard than the average projector by experienced and reliable manufacturers who are not afraid to back their products with generous warranties and technical support even half a decade later.

BenQ Pro AV Projectors

Epson Pro AV Projectors

Hitachi Pro AV Projectors

Optoma Pro AV Projectors

Installation Projectors

Flexible Capabilities | Medium Output | Long Lasting

Installation projectors are meant for long term use in venues where they can be properly mounted and integrated. Projectors in this category have optional lenses that boaden the venues they can function in and a greater range of connectivity options for merging with robust AV Systems.

Hitachi Installation Projectors

Optoma Installation Projectors

Laser Projectors

Lampless Projectors | Low Cost of Ownership | High Use Ready

Lampless projectors use new light engines that provide reliable functionality for years without the constant hassel of lamp replacements. These new light engines are rated to last tens of thousands of hours without any maintenance from users and can still achieve the same brightness of lamped projectors.

Hitachi Laser Projectors

Optoma Laser Projectors

Home Theater Projectors

Home Theater Projector | HDTV Projector | Cinema

Home theater projectors can come in many different sizes, prices, packages and solutions -- From 720p projectors for a home theater on a budget to higher end 1080p projectors capable of full HDTV projection -- let the knowledgeable staff at help you find the home theater projector to best suit your desires and save you money at the same time!

Optoma Home Theater Projectors

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