Electric Screens & Motorized Screens

Projector Zone offers a wide range of electric projector screens at prices to fit any budget. Offering projection screens by top name brands like Da-Lite, Draper, Elite Screens and Sima at some of the lowest prices you'll find online. From classroom projectors, church and auditorium settings, to home theater installations, our wide selection of electric and motorized projection screens will meet your projection needs.


Electric Outdoor Screens

Draper | Electric | Motorized | Outdoor | Weatherproof | Screens

As the sun sets it's time for the Nocturne to come out! Take your entertainment outside with Draper’s newest screen, designed for outdoor use on your patio, by your pool deck, or just about anywhere you can think of.

Yard Master Electric

Electric Wall / Ceiling Screens

Projector Screen | Electric | Motorized | Wall Mounted | Ceiling Mounted

A wall / ceiling mounted projector screen is what comes to mind for most people when they think 'projector screen'. Flick a switch and the projector screen comes down. Push it again and the projector screen retracts back into its case.

Electric, or Large Motorized Projector Screens can range in size from as small as a few feet wide, up to 30 feet and larger. Many control options exist for your electric projector screen; remotes, trigger controls, network, etc. Give ProjectorZone.com a call and let us help you find the electric wall or ceiling screen to fit your needs.




Designer Contour

Designer Contour IR


Motorized Scenic Roller



Tensioned Contour

Tensioned Cosmopolitan


Electric Ceiling Recessed Screens

Ceiling Recessed | Electric Screen | Motorized Screen

A ceiling recessed screen is the ideal solution for a clean install in your home theater, conference room or church. Designed specifically to be ceiling recessed, these screens come complete with a housing & flange for a professional 'above ceiling' install. Ceiling recessed projector screens available from Da-Lite and Draper.


Advantage Deluxe



Evanesce B

Evanesce B Tensioned

Evanesce Tension


Tensioned Advantage

Tensioned Advantage Deluxe

Tensioned Professional

Electric Floor Screens

Floor Screens | Electric | Motorized

Motorized floor screens are the powered version of a manual pop-up style screen. Designed to rest on the floor and with the push of a button or remote, rise up to the final projection height, these motorized floor screens are a great alternative when wall or ceiling mounting is not an option.


Kestrel Tension

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