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A wall / ceiling mounted screen is what comes to mind for most people when they think 'projector screen'. Flick a switch and the projector screen comes down. Push it again and the projector screen retracts back into its case.

Motorized, or electric, projection screens can range in size from as small as a few feet wide, up to 30 feet and larger. Many control options exist for your electric projector screen; remotes, trigger controls, network, etc. Give a call and let us help you find the electric wall or ceiling screen to fit your needs.


Electric CineTension2 Screens

Elite Cinetension is a motorized tab-tensioned screen for wall or ceiling mount. With sliding mounting brackets for wall, ceiling, or recessed installations. Includes 3-position wall switch, IR remote control, and RF remote control. Optional in-ceiling trim kit available.

Download CineTension2 Info Sheet

CineTension2 Screens starting at $592

Electric Premier Screens

Draper Premier electric wall or ceiling projection screen. Tab-Tensioned with a black steel case. Image is framed by black masking borders on the sides. Operates silently and smoothly with special vibration insulators.

Premier Screens starting at $1,059

Electric Silhouette V Screens

Silhouette/Series V is a motorized and operates electrically with a tab-tensioning system and mounted on the wall or ceiling. Slender dimensions and a curved aluminum case with a contemporary design. Screen and dowel retract completely inside the case.

Silhouette V Screens starting at $1,252

Electric Tensioned Contour Screens

The Da-Lite Tensioned Contour Electrol projection screen is an electric wall or ceiling mounted screen. Now comes standard with low voltage control and silent motor. The stylish curved aluminum extruded case and tab guide cable system make it a wonderful addition to any projection system.

Electric Tensioned Cosmopolitan Screens

Tab guide cable system maintains even lateral tension to hold surface flat while custom slat bar with added weight maintains vertical tension. Available with built in low voltage control, silent motor and silent motor with low voltage control options. Standard with a Decora style three position wall switch.

Electric Contour Screens

Da-Lite Contour Electrol | Motorized | Projection Screen

Da-Lite Contour Electrol: with its stylish curved aluminum extruded case available in either black, white or graphite finish, the Contour Electrol is a beautiful addition to any installation. Screen surface retracts completely into the Contour case for a clean, modern appearance when screen is not in use.

Electric Cosmopolitan Screens

Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol | Cosmo | Electric | Projection Screen

Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol: ideal for applications where a recessed installation is not desired or feasible. Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation of the Da-Lite Cosmopolitan. Handsome white painted case blends with any decor (black case color optional).

Large Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol now available in screen sizes up to 16' wide!

Electric Spectrum Screens

Elite Spectrum | Motorized | Screen

The Elite Spectrum Series is the best option for a budget Electric/Motorized front projection screen.

Spectrum Screens starting at $171

Electric VMAX2 Screens

Elite VMAX | Electric | Motorized | Screen

The VMAX2 Series is the most complete cost effective Electric/Motorized front projection screen. Every Elite VMAX ships with both a IR and RF wireless remote control! the VMAX is a complete projector screen solution for those on a budget.

VMAX2 Screens starting at $253

Electric Baronet Screens

Draper's Baronet is a lightweight and easy on the wallet. It offers trouble-free, quiet operation and a steel case with a scratch-resistant white polyester finish and matching endcaps. Comes with universal mounting brackets for easy installation.

Baronet Screens starting at $393

Electric Salara Screens

Draper Salara | Electric | Projector Screen

The Salara is a new generation in electric projection screens. In your home or office, the Draper Salara makes a design statement. The Salara’s small, elliptical case and domed end caps are finished in solid white. Floating gun latch wall mounting brackets (included) grip the Salara screen securely and are barely visible.

Salara Screens starting at $397

Electric Designer Contour Screens

Da-Lite Designer Contour | Electric | Projection Screen

Da-Lite Designer Contour Electrol: featuring a stylish curved aluminum extruded case, standard with a white powder coated finish (also available in black or graphite case finishes), with dimensions of only 4-5/8" high x 4-3/32" deep. The small profile of the Designer Contour makes it a great choice for installation in smaller spaces.

Designer Contour Screens starting at $401

Electric Designer Cinema Screens

Designer Cinema Screens starting at $412

Electric Home2 Screens

Elite Home2 | Electric | Motorized | Screen

The Elite Home2 Series is a premium grade electric/motorized front projection screen. Home 2 features an elegant enamel coating and its white aluminum housing is rust resistant.

Each Elite Home2 screen comes with installation kit containing brackets, screws, and bubble leveler included. Remote options included with each Home2 screen (IR and RF Remote Controls). Material options include MaxWhite and AcousticPro.

Home2 Screens starting at $472

Electric Targa Screens

Draper Targa | Electric | Projector Screen

Draper Targa electric projection screens. Ideal for auditoriums and lecture halls, hospitals, hotels, churches, boardrooms and conference rooms. On each Draper Targa screen the motor is mounted inside the roller, for a trim balanced appearance.

Targa Screens starting at $507

Electric Designer Contour IR Screens

Da-Lite Designer Contour with IR | Electric | Projection Screen

Da-Lite Designer Contour Electrol with IR: all the same features as the Designer Contour but with the addition of a built-in infrared (IR) remote control!

Designer Contour IR Screens starting at $568

Electric Silhouette E Screens

Draper Silhouette E | Electric | Projector Screen

Draper Silhouette Series E electrically operated projection screen. The sleek, curved aluminum case and end caps are finished in white. Silhouette E has slender dimensions and a contemporary design. The Draper Silhouette E can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.

Silhouette E Screens starting at $668

Electric Rolleramic Screens

Rolleramic Screens starting at $1,270

Electric Paragon E Screens

Paragon Series E | Recessed or Surface Mount | Wall/Ceiling | Electric Screen

Paragon heavy-duty electric projection screen. Ideal for auditoriums and lecture halls. Choose the Paragon for any setting where a very large screen is required. Motor is installed on special vibration insulators inside a 6" diameter steel roller. Operation is smooth, quiet, and reliable. Case is made of white extruded aluminum and can be suspended anywhere, with controls wherever they're needed. Paragon/Series E - Motorized screen is available in sizes through 28' wide.

Paragon E Screens starting at $3,272

Electric Motorized Scenic Roller Screens

Motorized Scenic Roller Screens starting at $3,590

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