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Tensioned manual screens add additional "side" support to your projection screen at a fraction of the cost of an tensioned electric screen. Designed to help hold your projection screen surface taut and flat for optimal viewing. Draper and Da-Lite projector screens offer a wide range of pricing options and screen choices. Tensioned manual screens available in sizes up to 12' wide. Manual tensioned projector screens make a great addition to your home theater, conference room or boardroom.


Manual Deluxe Model B Screens

Da-Lite Manual Screen | Deluxe Model B Manual

Da-Lite Deluxe Model B: Suitable for offices, training, meeting rooms and home theater. Built-in tensioning arm on the Deluxe Model-B locks in place when screen is extended to provide a flat, tensioned viewing surface. The Deluxe Model B screen surface may be angled with included pull cord to eliminate keystoning when screen is mounted with extension wall brackets or suspended from the ceiling.

Deluxe Model B Screens starting at $101

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