Draper Luma Auto Return | Luma | Auto Return | Manual Screen

Draper Luma wall or ceiling mounted projection screen. The Draper Luma manual screen is housed in pentagonal steel case with a scratch-resistant white polyester finish and matching endcaps. The endcaps on the Luma screen form universal hanging brackets for attachment to wall or ceiling (optional wall extension brackets available).

The AutoReturn Spring Roller includes a built-in inertia reduction mechanism. With AutoReturn the screen unrolls in the conventional manner, then slowly and gently retracts to the closed position on its own after a simple tug on the handle. Screen surface retracts slowly and smoothly into the case, slowing even more as it approaches its upper limit. Intermediate stop positions allow you to lower or raise the screen completely, or stop at any point in between. Prevents potential damage to the dowel or screen surface through repeated impact with the case.


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