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Draper Star classroom projection screen. Its sturdy and durable construction makes it an ideal manual projection screen for classrooms. Cylindrical steel case is scratch-resistant. Each Draper Star manual screen features a white polyester finish with matching end caps.


Draper Star 50'' (H) x 50'' (W) AV Format (Square)

Item No. DR-209001

Sale Price: $50.00

List Price: $70.00

Draper Star 60'' (H) x 60'' (W) AV Format (Square)

Item No. DR-209002

Sale Price: $54.00

List Price: $76.00

Draper Star 70'' (H) x 70'' (W) AV Format (Square)

Item No. DR-209003

Sale Price: $60.00

List Price: $84.00

Draper Star 84'' (H) x 84'' (W) AV Format (Square)

Item No. DR-209004

Sale Price: $110.00

List Price: $154.00

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