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Tripod portable projection screens have been around for decades and while the look hasn't changed much, the quality, durability and available screen materials certainly have. With sizes ranging from 40x40 up to 96x96, a tripod screen offers a great combination of size and value in a portable screen.


Portable Versatol Screens

Versatol | Da-Lite | Tripod | Screen

Da Lite Versatol Tripod: The high-low case adjustment allows a 70" x 70" screen to be fully opened in a room with an 8' ceiling. Keystone eliminator tilts the screen forward to compensate for distorted images (standard on all Square Versatol tripod screen sizes except 84"x84").

Versatol Screens starting at $66

Portable Consul Screens

Consul | Draper | Tripod | Portable | Screen

The Draper Consul tripod screen; quality & economy. Designed specifically for classroom use the Draper Consul tripod is lightweight yet durable. Black case with matching end caps.

Consul Screens starting at $70

Portable Elite Tripod Screens

Elite Tripod | Elite Screen | Tripod | Screen

The Elite Tripod Series screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor presentations. This proven and reliable tripod portable projection screen combines precision with the elegance of a traditional design. Rugged construction on the Elite Tripod helps it withstand the rigors of daily use.

Elite Tripod Screens starting at $83

Portable Picture King Screens

Picture King | Tripod | Da-Lite | Screen

Da-Lite Picture King Tripod Screen: The Carpeted Picture King is a high quality professional tripod screen able to withstand daily use. Heavy duty aluminum extruded legs with toe release mechanism offers a wide stance for maximum stability. Screen height on the Picture King tripod is adjustable to accommodate any ceiling height with self-locking extension tube and high-low case adjustment.

Picture King Screens starting at $114

Portable Carpeted Picture King Screens

Carpeted Picture King | Tripod | Da-Lite | Carpeted Tripod

Da-Lite Carpeted Picture King Tripod Screens: Featuring a black or gray carpeted housing this screen is ideal for rental, staging or high-use situations. The Carpeted Picture King is a high quality professional tripod screen able to withstand daily use.

Carpeted Picture King Screens starting at $178

Portable Diplomat/R Screens

Diplomat/R | Draper | Tripod | Diplomat R

Draper's Diplomat/R heavy-duty tripod projection screen is Draper's toughest tripod screen. Case is scratch resistant baked-on black plastisol on steel with an optional black carpeted case available. The Diplomat tripod combines simplicity of design, rugged components, and careful workmanship. An ideal tripod screen for rental or staging applications.

Diplomat/R Screens starting at $153

Portable Elite Tripod Pro Screens

Elite Tripod | Tripod Pro Screen

Elite's Tripod Pro Series portable tripod screen has a velvet velour coating around the entire screen's housing.

Elite Tripod Pro Screens starting at $138

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